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What is Undeliverable as Addressed Data

According to the US Post Office:

  • In a recent year, over six billion pieces of mail were Undeliverable as Addressed.
  • Having the correct address ensures that your mailings reach all of the intended recipients,  maximizing your profits and your mailings success!

Why would I need the Super Cleanse if I use NCOA and CASS/DPV on a regular basis?

  • NCOA and CASS/DPV are very effective hygiene products for updating Undeliverable mail that comes from:
  • People who have moved and reported the move to the USPS (NCOA).
  • Undeliverable addresses (CASS/DPV).

However, even after using NCOA and CASS/DPV, marketers still experience significant UAA mail volumes.


Because there are other causes of UAA mail that the current hygiene products will not catch, including:

  • People who move and do not report it to the USPS.  (Up to 40% of all moves are not reported to the USPS).
  • Address is valid, but the addressee does not reside at that location due to death, divorce, set-up/data entry errors, etc.
  • Remember, CASS/DPV only certifies a valid delivery point but does not certify the addressee.
  • Missing apartment numbers.

With those statistics and the cost of a mailing piece averaging $0.65 per piece,
How Much Money are you Throwing Away???


Take a moment and calculate the Printing, Mailing and Postage costs you’re throwing down the drain if your mail is not reaching your prospects.

Lets assume a 5% match at .65 per mail piece (Postage plus Printing):

Mailing                                       Savings                            Pieces fixed or removed

10,000                                       $     325.00                       500

100,000                                     $   3250.00                       5,000

1,000,0000                                $32,500.00                       50,000


Now lets assume the response rate was 5% and the average value of a sale was $150.
                                                                      Sales from                         Revenue From

Mailing                     Pieces Fixed                   Fixed Records                    Increased Sales

10,000                     500                                25                                       $     3,750.00
100,000                   5,000                             250                                     $   37,500.00
1,000,000                50,000                           2,500                                  $ 375,000.00

Remember these are savings per mailing, if you mail more than once per year you must Multiply by that number.


The US Post Office and this nation’s largest mailers have realized this waste is an untapped “Profit Center”...  So they’ve designed systems that cut this waste more and more every time they mail.  For them the tougher the economy gets the more they want to invest in cutting waste.


Most small and medium sized mailers don’t take advantage of this relatively new service.

Either they don’t know they exist or they think it’s too hard or expensive to use these systems cost effectively.


My company wants to help you understand these new services that the “Big Mailers” have invested tons of money developing. 














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